A cunning plan.....


been to Tesco, one £9.99 one person tent thats about big enough for 3/4 DT man size :sigh:

One double airbed that just fits - they were a touch optimistic on the internal size measurements of the tent.

Cunning plan part 1 - :sneaky:

A FOOT pump to avoid previous air-bed blowing up schenanigans.

low and behold part 2, put up tent in garden so not to look a twit at Mojos :sneaky:
part2b, inflate airbed as when new always need that little bit extra to pump up - hence why you can never get the thing back in the box :mad:

20mins later of pumping - no sign of airbed inflating :confused: - check pump, check pump is inserted into thingy on airbed. Weird :confused:
Check airbed box for any bits left in it - none, turned box upside down. Pumped a bit more - nah this aint right :confused: Check airbed box again, crucially this time read the instructions on the back of box.

“Before inflating ensure deflate plug is in place…”

WHAT !!! find hole in bottom of airbed with no plug, check box again by turning upside down… nothing, start to get annoyed :furious: at Tesco for duff airbed…

put hands in box find a little tiny teeny tiny eenny weeeny plug thingy :doh:

5minutes later, goto fridge get beer and relax in tent on airbed :drink:

:cuckoo: I think that gets a pretty high score on the Nealalometer scale :haddock:


… and he means the tent :lol:

Do you have a battery operated pump for it DT? I’ll be bringing mine to mojo’s with me, so if you don’t you can borrow mine :slight_smile:


:cheers: Hids, I was worried about valuable lost drinking time :drink: