A few little changes ....

First one you may have noticed already, a chatbox :slight_smile:

Users with less than 10 posts, unregistered users, banned users and COPAA users cannot see the chatbox.

Also, users with less than 10 posts cannot edit profile data, use signatures, Private Messages or any other methods of spam. Since migrating to vb4 and not having the SafeUser modification updated to this code base, the number of bots bypassing the normal CAPTCHA has been insane. I’ve deleted and banned more IP addresses in the past week as what I had in the last year. I will get around to writing the modification for VB4, but that may be a while as the plugin hooks are quite different.

So for now, I’m using other products and plugins to manage. Posts of new users are auto checked for spam, and if deemed “spammy” are sent to the moderation queue, never getting to see the light of day. Users who hide things in profiles such as porn links, can’t do so now without 10posts - so that solves that one.

The masses of options in vb4 are slowly starting to make sense :lol:


That’s great news DT. Will save a bit of moderation time for you guys and keep cr@p off the system :slight_smile:

Just out of interest, I tried to add tags to my blog post and the software rejected my post saying I was over by 2 (I’d put in 4 tags) whilst the bit below the tag section says I could use 5.

Nice DT…very nice!