a follow up to my missing lunch thread

today i have actualy got some sandwiches for lunch, my lovely lady has made me roast pork with stuffing and applesauce sandwiches, which i am struggling not to eat before lunch time:D

that being said what are your top sandwich fillings, you know the kind that no matter how hard you try you still find yourself eating before you had originaly intended to?

Mature cheddar cheese and branston pickle in french bread.

sometimes it doesnt even survive the trip to work

pretty much all sandwiches I take to work get munched before lunch :smiley:

chicken and bacon pittas are a killer though, with a little mustard and mayo, yum! :thumbsup:

Sausage and bacon with tomato sauce gets my vote :thumbsup: Failing that boring beef and onion relish

M&S bakery assorted bread rolls, some Lancashire crumbly cheese, apricot chutney. dab of mustard.


BLT enough said

bacon and egg FTW. If I have them I need to take a small reserve sandwitch cause I know it won’t survive till lunch time

Tuna mayonnaise. Never makes it to lunch.

Bread is the key to a good sandwich. Any regular loaf white bread where the bread is fresh enough to where it sticks to the roof of your mouth is amazing.

Now what do I like to put in it?

-Some very thinly sliced Virginia baked ham
-thin sliced onions that are marinated in olive oil and basal and other herbs
-smoked cheddar chese
-spicy green beans (sounds gross but amazing. Kind of a pickled green bean. its an import to the area from Louisana, thanks to my brothers inlaws)
-Mayo and spicy mustard
-very thinly sliced tomatos (home grown only)
-and HONEY, honey makes any sandwich better…

Typically though this isnt a sandwich that will make the trip to work with ya, could be a bit messy. But if your making lunch at home, well worth it :slight_smile: