A Little Help Please - Involving PCWorld :-(

Well i have sorta ended up no returnable vouchers for PcWorld and need help to find the best buy from them:wall: , i do need a new monitor, and wouldn’t mind a new system so anyone can find a bargin then PLEASE help!

Total to spend : £600

are they DSG group vouchers, or specifically PC world ?


PC world, credit note i thinks…insurence :frowning:

Damski had vouchers from insurance too, but his were for the DSG group so I would think yours would be too :shrug:

I got this rig from them. Good system as well. Was surprised. And it’s not been bad at all. Only think that really needs upping is the graphics card…

Have a look on the PC World website, might be able to use the vouchers on the call@collect and get what you want at a cheaper price.


So what is included in the dsg group then? is that the link/dixons and so on? Drezha what rig you got?
Looking at the mobo but they only sell ECS board :frowning:

link, Dixons currys & PC World, I blew £500 in about 3 weeks, it feels quite fun to walk round the shelves going, ‘I want that one’ and walking out with it :slight_smile: the trick is not to think of it as money, it’s not, just get the stuff you want and when it’s gone it’s gone.

I think PC World still run a price match policy - although they keep it quiet.
The only catch is that it has to be a company within 10 miles of the store you’re shopping at.

Damn shame you’ve got Novatech in portsmouth too :wink:


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Oh that would be good, if pc world sold the same stuff as novatech, not just ECS motherboards and PNY mem :stuck_out_tongue:

the day of reconiing is apon me, off to pcworld in a bit, vouchers are for the dixons group which is ok, but cannot spend online :’(
New monitor is a first, but after that who knows…please pray for me to make sure i dont come out hitting one of their ‘helpers’

good luck mate

well tbh i have done quite well, a new 19" hp monitor, a nice wireless logitech kb/ms, a sony dvd player, a new pc case to replace the fallin apart one ihad and a very swank new Fuji Digi camera.

The only annoying bit was dealing with the PCworld staff, is it just me or do they annoy EVERYONE?

i would have spent that on something i would NEVER have been able to afford on 1 object…

like i giant giant flat screen monitor… :slight_smile:
theres a nice 21" wide screen 1920x1600 monitor i got my eye on… but of course… got no ££

Best thing happened to me today…

Was buying a box of DVD’s to back up onto and turned to a mate and mentioned something about how I didn’t want DVD+RW as it was just a waste of money for back DVD’s…

and a customer turned round and asked my advice on what DVD’s to buy!! :lol: I was rather flattered…and it serves PC World for not even inviting me for an interview…I’d obviously be a good employee :stuck_out_tongue:

the only problem is, they dont want u to give good advice… because they cant make money off of it then…
they want u to buy expensive crap stuff, that way, its so expensiive u dont want to thro it away, so u have to go back to PCworld to get it fixed, which again, they charge u for…