A lovely day at RHS Rosemoor - North Devon

Had a wonderful day there in blazing sunshine. Flowers were in great show, but I was searching for the wildlife.

Some sparrows having a dust bath.

A robin hiding in a tree

A thrush hunting worms (not sure if it’s a song thrush or a mistle thrush)

Got a few more of the flowers on show, but haven’t sorted them yet so I thought I’d pop the wildlife ones up first.

Like the thrush :thumbsup: got one in our garden but it never ventures away from the fence/conifers

Yeah nice place there isn’t it?

Didn’t know you were down this way yesterday, you should have said :stuck_out_tongue: Lovely day it was yesterday as well here.

Spur of the moment visit. We’re RHS members so we get in free and I haven’t been there for a while so off we toddled. It’s great when everything is in bloom. The only down side was the rose gardens as many of them had gone over and hadn’t been dead-headed. It made the place look untidy.

Still it’s a great place to visit if you like gardening. There are some fantastic plant displays especially in the new Square Garden. Well worth a visit, but get there fairly soon , before things start to go over.

@PMM Yeah the thrush was one of a pair that were scouting out worms and just sauntered across the path in front of us without a care.

Some more pics of the gardens