A New Number One?

Mortlake appears to be about to relinquish his position as #1 in TPR! Kamiles has a good head of steam going and should overtake Mortlake within a day. Can the leader divert enough resources back into folding in time to avoid being usurped? The tension builds!!!:smiley:

I have a little usurping of my own to complete in SETI :smiley: and then when I return I’ll have a target to aim at in Folding :tiphat:

better make sure you leave a big gap :wink: always fun trying to balance all the projects, so many worthy causes and so few computers :slight_smile:


By the time I have posted this the deed will have been done and posted in the milestones of the folding stats, top folding Kamiles :thumbsup: I wonder how big a lead he can get before Mortlake is back folding.