A Post From The Bar

I’m stuck here in the states…but I’ll jump on Teamspeak …Hope to talk with you all…or at listen to the BURPS. Have a beer for us that can’t join…

check 1 2, I’m here

PMM & MarkOne are… here :slight_smile:

Preecey signging in after a few pints :smiley: ‘hic’

A few more pints in now, on the merlins oak and it’s been a great event so far even with so few people here, long live TPR :smiley: :wasted:

PMM toootles around quitely

I’m 1st one up :wink:

there all sleepy ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I can still taste the loverly Bacon & egg Sarni we had at 4am MMMmmmmm delicious.

Cracking night/ morning there’s gonna be a lot of soar heads :chuckle:

Im sorry peige cant be with you this weekend, but i got this one bagged first !:slight_smile: he can come and play on next one

Have a good one, wish i was there

At least I got a good night sleep last night - which I would have missed out on if I were there!!!

Still feel like I’m missing out though - but I am going to see Minis racing today so its not all bad :slight_smile:

Have a good one - don’t forget the pics!!

I’ve finally surfaced and there’s still only Alta, PMM & Pete (Sirgaz’s son) awake :lol:

Think we all (well those of us that weren’t already :stuck_out_tongue: ) went to bed around half four this morning after the lovely bacon & egg rolls Martin & Sarge made for us. I for one was ever so slightly tipsy last night but as usual I have been spared a hangover :smiley:

car’s packed :smiley: Just about to have a full English breakfast before starting the drive :slight_smile:


I got slightly drunk last night and crashed out early for me…bout 1ish…and missed the bacon sarnies :frowning:

Not long woken up and no head ache…well not one thats trying to split my head in two lol.

you going to castle coombe aint ya …lol i forgot to get tickets this year:(

Nope was Snetterton today. Tomorrow we’re off to Brands for the A1GP :slight_smile:

did I mention I’m here :smiley:


am i a bit late? ah well at least i made it