A Post From The Bar

here first again :smiley:

Your far too keen.

don’t party too hard Friday :wink: Remember your still have Saturday and Sunday to get through.

You cheated this time… you never moved :stuck_out_tongue:

I just don’t know how you do it Martin :rolleyes:

See you tomorrow at 1354 :smiley:

but aren’t ypou catching a train?

cos it’s likely to be late :stuck_out_tongue:

Trains are usually not too bad :slight_smile: Last one was 20 mins late right enough :rolleyes:

Martin, I’ll phone you if I’m aware of any delays :slight_smile:

Well, i’m here.
Its all setup and ready to roll.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I’ll be there sometime tomorrow, just need to put the ropey old shocks back on and Old-Pinky will be ready to rumble.

Actually thats sometime today now :eek:

you r earlky…

Have a mixed grill for me! :smiley:

As if I would forget :wink:

Here is his “secret”. He never leaves. He is still busy cleaning up the mess that you all left from the last event. That’s why he beats everyone there.

Damn, wish i was coming up there… could do with it right now :Oh-hum:

I is here…Pete is too…and Curly should be posting soon when he sorts his pc out

Hope you guys all have a good time, I do really want to make a meet one of these times but right now not an ideal time… the breakfasts look particularly appealing I must admit :slight_smile:

arrrived (thanks to Gaz) and sat safely next to the bar :slight_smile:


I is here :smiley:

I am here :slight_smile:

Go go gadget :wink:

…in my pants;)

You can have a gadget in your pants if you want Endre, but I don’t think all of TPR wants to know about it :stuck_out_tongue: