a RANDOM question

Hey y’all!:wiggle:

I have a Very Very old dos program that i am using at work which is setup to work on c:, problem is that it HAS to run from a H:\ drive

I have run through a load of the batch files and text files and changed all the c:\ to h:\ that i have found, the question is;

Does anyone know how i can open an entire folder contents in a text format, and replace all accounts of ‘c:’ to ‘H:’ :confused:

Subst - http://www.computerhope.com/substhlp.htm

ok, this seems like it would work a treat, but thats if i could get it to work :stuck_out_tongue:

basicly i have never used this before and dont tunderstand the Syntax, can you supply a lovely example for me which would mean the H:\max i am in at present will relate to c:\max


I think subst will only work from root to a dir path. I’d take the easy option, run from a usb stick and use computer management to change the drive letter of the stick. In a similiar fashion share c:\max then add it as a mapped network drive h:


Hmmm, only problem is that it will be on a terminal server and i dont have access to put a usb stick on it, let alone map it to the c: but ahh well, will keep onflogging it untill it works properly :frowning: