A stolen Idea...

/edit ('cos the first post was a mess…;))

I was nosing around TP's forums and they have a thread running syaing where thay all live, and I was thinking it'd be cool to know where we all are in relation to each other.
I know there would be those who wouldn't want all and sundry finding out where they live so my idea was this, those that want to be included goto www.multimap.com type in yer post code, get the piccy up, go to 1,000,000 scale press alt-printscreen, then paste into your fave arty prog, then cut out the bit with you in like this....

save it as a gif, and send to me… cool

I’ll stick in yer name and join them all up and stick them all on my site, for all to see.

This is sort of a personal thing to, 'cos I travel the country a hooge amount, I’d like to meat a few of ya face to face to have an idea if anyones near where I’m going and to be able to organise a meet would be cool.

Well? Now I sit back and wait for feedback… I’ll edit this post when I throw the first piccy up…

Mail to tpr@plevin.demon.co.uk

Piccy at low res and at High Res

I’m up for that, give it ago…

helps if u get the link right 8:D uve got a , stuck on there.

Searching now :cool:

cmon want more!!! MORE!!!

Theres not much around me.
But Ive sent it to u m8:D

I’ll work out what everything says when i’ve sobered up a bit and try to do it before i unsober myself (england match) :stuck_out_tongue:

Just sent you mine

Just sent mine too,

Originally posted by Johnnypf
Just sent mine too,

ermm… I sent urs aswell in my email forget to tell u.:flip:

just uploading mine to hotmail :nod:

Sent mine, so when you’re in the area and need a cuddle :wink: or a beer :smiley: let me know.

Great idea mate, I have done mine :nod:

Just sent mine :slight_smile:

Done mine!


Cheers SB :smiley: (i live in same town as SB)

I sent mine too - but I had to use www.mapquest.com tho as the multimap didn’t work for the USA :slight_smile:

Sending mine now :slight_smile:

Done mine too :slight_smile:

Done mine as well. :cool: