A TPR team challenge!!!

Just been looking at our combined BOINC projects total and we are currently sitting at about 820 Million and 94th overall…

The challenge is can we break the 1000 Million barrier before the end of the year… boincstats.com estimates we should pass that mark before the end of November.

Can we do it?

I think we can. :xfinger:

Definitely worth a go. :slight_smile:

yeah, let’s go for it :slight_smile:

Just added a machine as it’s now done it’s job elsewhere.


Absolutely! Get out the oil and whip the squirrels!

If we wish to do good at combined we’d better all grab a gfx card and fire up something like prime grid. 100k per day, each member? Yessiree.

I’ll carry on docking and Rosetta ing. The two projects which contribute least to all project stats :-/


Well,iif we keep going at the current rate we should hit the target sometime in September!!! :thumbsup:

Excellent crunching everybody!!!:clap:

Little update on this challenge… we are now just 10 million short of the target.and should hit it in less than a week!!!

Thats all of those peoples GTXs youve enlisted! Well done!!


Should be adding a 2nd GTX680 sometime in the next week or 2. Crunching ~100k/day with one.

Might be able to get a ATi6850 going as well if i can get the drivers working on windows 8.

Ill upgrade soon enough from what I have :slight_smile: but it’s cutting the mustard atm for me :slight_smile:

Moving out of the parents house is taking all my pennies atm :smiley: and my focus is mainly Docking anyway :wink:

[QUOTE=Butuz;464558]Thats all of those peoples GTXs youve enlisted! Well done!!


Started doing a little Poem@Home… they recently released a GPU client for both ATI and Nvidia cards… I’ve got it running on a 9500GT and it’s kicking out a solid 70K per day!!!

We’ve done it!!! ::banana::banana::banana::banana:

Excellent crunching everyone!! :trophy::funknana: :woot:

wOOt!!! :funknana:

Congratulations TPR!!! :cheers:

marvellous :smiley:

Ok… here’s another challenge!!!

Can we hit 2000 Million before the end of this year??? :shifty:

BOINCstats has us hitting the target towards the end of November.