About a SETI hoax someone made sometime ago

I’ve heard that someone made a hoax years ago that the graphics of the SETI software displayed ‘The Face’ of Mars.
I’ve searched everywhere but found nothing.
Did people believed that it was true? Does someone have the image of the hoax? Do you know who made the hoax? How big was the impact?

I just heard about it and I was like OMFH, if someone said that Elvis is living in a dwarf village on the Moon people would buy telescopes to check by themselves :stuck_out_tongue:

Its sort of irrelevant now.
Once people found out the non-graphical version was faster to achieve the same computational results the graphical version was no longer used.

Sounds like a hoax to me but then have you checked the moon for Elvis signs ?

Theres probably a distributed computing project somewhere that is trying to work out where on the moon Elvis lives whilst plotting the geographic distribution of the dwarves.

… plans to get more REM state sleep

I heard that elvis was made into burgers and there was that much meat people are still eating him today!

You guys are very friendly, eh?
A ‘Never heard of it.’ would do for me.

Seeing a goax is COMPLETELY irrelevant… I’m just curious. Besides, I stopped using that SETi screensaver eons ago, long before the hoax.(I’d still use it, but I don’t use screensavers anymore, shutting down the monitor when you’re away is better, you don’t waste energy to hide the screen. Besides, it sux whe you’re playing a game that doesn’t block the screensaver and the screensaver shows up)