Acer AL1912S

£172.72 inc VAT for a 19" LCD. anyone used one of these? are they any good?

It hinky ou can get a samsung jobbie for 160 ish around. Probably be a better bet

Ok 160 ex VAT, but you know, its samsung.


I have three Acer TFT’s, all 17" and I liked them before, but after a power block from one of them breaking a few weeks back I like them even more. No problem - I explained I didn’t want to return the whole unit as I knew the fault and I didn’t want a different screen coming back as I use them in a dual setup. So 10days later a new power block arrives.

Technical bumf aside - that means they get my vote for being so nice :smiley: :thumbsup:


yup Acer good :slight_smile: got acer at work…and theyre support is very good :slight_smile: have to agree with DT :nod:

Not that specific model, but I have an Acer 15.4 inch laptop and 32 inch HD ready LCD TV, both screens are fine :slight_smile:

danke shon lads. now how the hell do i get that in my stocking on Xmas day? (leave it Mincer!) :wink: