Active X Exporting

Hi all (me again!)

Just a quick question to see if anyone else has come across this problem.

I have been given the task of giving access to a specific website that needs a active x controller to be installed and run to allow use.
Problem is that the end users do not have rights to download or run them. I can dial in as a local administrator account and install teh controller myself, adn when the user logs in it works perfectly fine, but the problem is that i have over 300 sites todo this for and so dont realyl want to dial into every site and manualy install it.
Is there any way to ‘export’ the controler and ‘import’ it to anotehr machine?

Many thanks again!:newmon:

had a similar problem a while ago where we needed to install a small app to hundreds of sites…

write a batch file or VB script to do the following…

  1. map a network drive to the remote machine
  2. copy the install file
  3. execute the install file on the remote machine
  4. tidy up (remove install file, import reg keys etc)

steps 1,2 and 4 were pretty easy.
step3 was a tough one to figure out… we ended up downloading a program called “soon” from the windows developer tools pack which allows you to submit “at” jobs to a remote machine, scheduling it to run the installer prog with a /s (silent) flag :devil:

we ended up copying the install prog, a reg key export, and another batch file that when executed deleted all the stuff we’d just copied across :wink:

Cheers for the help Spaceboy, getting closer, i have the cab file that contains the INF and DLL for the active x controller, and i can deploy to site, but how do i get IE to run the contoller for i have tried regsrv32 and it imports correctly but still i get the redx when trying to acccess it…any other ideas?

Also does anyone know how to remove active x stuff? got one thats bodgeds it install and i need to reinstall it?