Adapter / Home made?

looking for an adapter that looks like the usual Molex Male to Molex Female but with a male 3pin fan adapter comming out of it to power a fan…

but i want one that has 4x 3pin connectors…
[Removed Image from Server]

something like this??

i dont even mind if it dont have the through cable

i found one that is simular to it

but it says its a reducer… i dont want it to reduce… :frowning:

if anyone can show me to a site with one… ?

The linked item will just be wired to use +12v (red) as the positive line and +5v (yellow) as the negative, leaving the reduced 7v. Simply rewire it to use the actual negative (black) and it’ll give the full +12v to all your fans :).

Not aware of anyone who does a 4 way splitter

You would have to get a (pass though) or Std with one 3pin then get two 3 pin splitters for that.

I can’t see you getting one like that, even home made, as five wires into one crimp really won’t go.

Get the QuadSilencer reducer and move one wire and the job’s done. And when you get fed up with living with the sound of a hovercraft you can always move the wire back and get 7 volts and quieter operation :slight_smile:

A bit untidy I know but you could daisy chain some of these

couple of these is the best I’ve seen for you so far, I’ve looked at getting some of these to assist with my cooling in the loft, a PCI bracket to power external fans to help with the lofts air movement.


i went on to the companys website that does the Quad Silencer from Above…

they do a NON silencer version… [12v][perfect]
but the website doesn’t sell them, only has them in a catalog [not perfect]

i went onto the links from there website to shops who sell there products but only 1 ships to the UK, and they only have the silencer version [7v] :frowning:

the world [the net atleast] is agenst me!

iv emailed them, a short while ago and awaiting a reply.

by the end of all this i could just build something from maplins… just a little annoying… just wanted it to be professional-ish looking :(…

then get the silenced (7 volt) version and fix it.

having recently sold WORMSS the water cooling kit with a pump that runs off 12v 3pin and the fan off three pin, could this be what you need it for ? I went the cheats option, got a four pin fan controller for the fans, the radiator fan ran off the board CPU three pin, the pump off a singe converter like the ebuyer link above, then all case fans were four pin.

I know what you mean about the cabling being a nightmare, small plumbing wastepipe or some carefull time with cable ties :lol:


how do i FIX it afterwards? im not sure how u get 7v in the first place as there is only a 12v and a 5v and 2 grounds…

its for 4 fans i got for the front [in my case BACK] of the case to get some FLOW thro it all as when the side of the case is on, there seems to be NO air getting in and the Computer just seems to freeze and die on me [me is thinking ram getting EXTREMELY HOT now that it doesn’t get exhurst from CPU Fan anymore.

Have a look here - should give you an idea about what bloo is saying:

the cable has 3 wires going to it tho??

both of them links deal with only 2 wires? this is why im getting confused :frowning:

Wormss, do you have air coming in from the back of the case (where the I/O shield, PCI card slots, PSU are? If so, that may be why you are having heat issues…but if not, sorry, cant really help…