Advice please

I need to OC this Opteron as much as possible. I’d like to get 2.6 to 2.8.

I have the following setup.

Opteron 146
512MB Samsung DDR400 (I have about 8GB of DDR memory but none apart from these 2 are matched)
Coolermaster Extreme Power 650watt
Gigabyte 7600GS AGP

Any help would be appreciated.

Like always step slowly up…and cooling but hey I’m telling you this.
Memory is key also - I found this
maybe it will provide a little help on timings

What cooling have you got on the cpu?

Iwould say a lot depends on the options in the motherboard bios, do a google for overclocking with your mobo or maybe there a forum with best bios advice…etc going for the speeds you want will require a 300+ fsb (irrc 300fsb*9multiplier = 2.7)so if possible unless you have really, really good ram set it to ASync or similar this will keep the ram at or below spec-ish, also worth looking at the voltage options, good luck


P.S. just realised it’s a long time since I last overclocked anything.

Standard stuff, looking at maybe an Aquagate Mini


A artcic cooler 64 pro or a ninja skyth or even a polished turd cools better than that thing :ghey:

Things to look at LDT (bus multiplier) speed aim for 3x
Try ram timing 3-4-4-10

Set the CPU to a lower multipler to start with so you can work out what FSB speed you can crank it up to.

Dropping to 8x might yeild greater stability if you can really drive the FSB to compensate.

Disable a option called “top performence” causes things to be unstable

disable cool n quiet

Awesome, thanks for the help. So new cooler, new memory then I can start cranking it up.

NB, no Auqagate Mini. Rather use polished turds;)

Those collers are flipping expensive here. Any chance a Blue OrbII would be good enough?