@ Aero

Just made the connection with your name here and in our class page of Oct 23 1999. Been tracking your progress for ages as the highest UK contributor :D.
Seem to have slipped somewhat from a mighty 2nd overall.

Yep - its me, guilty as charged! :smiley:

I would be up around 16-18k by now but I stopped SETI for about 3 months earlier this year cos I was going nowhere fast and couldn’t be bothered to supervise all the machines. :rolleyes: Did 6k’s worth of Folding instead. :slight_smile:

Got bored with that though and am now back on the SETI - but with only one dual machine so less than half the output than what I was churning out before I stopped. :frowning:

So I suspect I’m going to keep going backwards down the class quite rapidly, as I haven’t upgraded for 18 months and I can’t afford to at the moment (getting married in 2 weeks - expensive! :smiley: :eek: )