Affiliate Balances

A quick run-down on the monies recieved from the Affiliates.

We have just had the quarter payment from Amazon of £27.68. I’ve been using the bank account I store the affiliate cash in for the recent Ebay items I sold, so that “extra” cash sat there for a few days earning some extra interest for the account (70 odd pence).

Current affiliate balance £273.95


Whats the approx costs of keeping this place running per year?

Muppet does a mighty fine deal for us and then we have the licence for the vbulletin which is a 2 year subscription renewal, so our average monetary cost of running is about £50.

As all other work that is done is voluntary that’s our lot, so we are sitting pretty in cash terms from the affiliates.


Oneday soon you’ll be able to fly all the foreigners in the team to your neck of the woods for a Mojo’s;)

Well done DT! :thumbsup:
Nice bit of housekeeping there m8. Now, there’s a little bit of ironing stashed away that needs attention :smiley:


As long as you lot keep buying stuff with the links;) :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers for the nooz DT

hmmm ought to see about a newegg link! :lol:

I completely agree! Over the past 3-4 years or so, Ive spent an average of $3000-5000 per year there, easily. Add my friends and family that shop newegg (I would MAKE them click thru here first) and that would be a tidy sum. I imagine Newegg has something, since alot of the tech review sites link to newegg…

If you have a marketing proposal or would like to advertise for on your website, please contact our marketing department:

With the amount you lot spend there it could pay for all of US to come visit YOU :smiley:

LOL…luckily it is not my money! (well most of it isnt :wink: ) my wife only lets me spend about $1000/year on various parts, and even that is too much!

You are never suppose to let them know how much you spend on amything.! :nono:

I mine only had an clue :lol: :smackbum: :eek:

I bet I spent $3K there this year already, but what the heck it was farm rebuild time. :chuckle: