Age of Empires III for only 10p on Games For Windows Live

This deal will run until early morning Mon 22nd…

£0.10 -

You can pay via points, which will cost you 10pts, or if you have a credit card registered with MS then you can pay with that instead at £0.10.

Thanks for the link… although my productivity for the rest of the day might fall now. :smiley:

mine died as well earlier on today :lol:


Bargain :slight_smile: Used 10 Xbox live points to buy it :slight_smile: not downloaded yet… but even if I don’t download it for a few weeks it’s now in my account and I own it :slight_smile:

Thanks DT :slight_smile:

I think I’ve now called, sent a text to most people I know who might be interested. Pimped :Pimp: about £1 to MS today :lol:

I can’t take credit for it though, it was posted on another forum and I did a swift copy paste whilst waiting for my download to complete :smiley:


oh and when you get the text message saying it doesnt work…

Due to the overwhelming success of the Age of Empires III sale, we have temporarily run out of keys to unlock the game. You can still buy the game at this amazing price and you will get/see a key in the next week. When new keys are added to the system you will be auto-assigned a key, there is no need to call support or take any other action from your end. We will post here on the forums when the keys are available and the next time you click ‘View Game Keys’ for the game you should be assigned one.

Thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoy the game

i’ve got one working and one that won’t when installing on a different machine :frowning:

:slight_smile: so it was popular then :lol:

For 10p, I think waiting a few days isn’t going to hurt :moon:


Hell I can wait a few months… I had zero intention of playing it anytime soon… and also the risk of never playing it…

but for 10p ill buy it :slight_smile:

I did wonder on the 10p cost… it must cost them more than that just to collect it, particularly in my case I paid by credit card! Still got them attention which I guess was the whole point.

Quick question: did it make shortcuts or anything on install? Nothing appeared on mine, and if I hit the play button in the store wrapper it opens the installed folder. I can then run it from there, in fact made my own shortcut bypassing the MS game utility thing totally which is helpful anyway…

exactly the same for me, no shortcuts made but the three exe were in the folder that opened, and I just created shortcuts for them :slight_smile: