Airsoft anyone?

Anyone on the forum still play?

Myself and my kids started a few weeks ago, really enjoying it but looking for a good walk-in store to buy gear.

We all have rifles, now looking for pistols. We play at Absolute Airsoft in Reading, really nice place and the owner is very helpful and friendly.

never played myself, but I have a friend who did and might have some pistols, I’ll make enquiries :slight_smile:


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I play pretty regularly, down in Portsmouth we have a shop called Combat South which has loads of stuff. Guns all over the walls, kit, bb’s the whole sha-bang

That’s awesome. We only started playing recently but really enjoying the day out with my boys.

I’m using a KWA Eve-9 with Gate Titan 2 Bluetooth. A pretty decent platform but a little restrictive with the KWA gearboox v2.5. Gate recently released the Titan 2 with built-in Bluetooth and expert access which is pretty decent. Also using a KJ Works Colt Rail Concept with Co2. Nice pistol and doesn’t freeze up so much compared to gas.

I haven’t played enough to qualify for UKARA yet but the range we play at knows us so we can purchase gear.

I’m considering getting a Specna Arms and doing the full Gate upgrade but I know too little to make a decision yet.

I actually went down to the store in Portsmouth a few weekends ago. I bought a TM USP9 and took 3 pistols in for the S Hop modification.

It’s a nice store, lots of gear.