Alas poor Lifemapper, we knew it well...

Just been to investigate why I’ve got a lump of queued results to find the pipeline monitor gone, a facelift on the main site and this on the stats page:

Lifemapper was a Distributed Computing project. We had Members help us out with the CPU-intensive process of computing biological distribution models by downloading our screensaver and doing some number crunching for us.

Lifemapper is no longer a distributed computing project, but we’ve preseved these reports for historical purposes. Thanks to everyone who participated!


:cry: :cry: :cry:


Time to switch to BOINC or D2OL!! :smiley:

Or folding if Neal has anything to do with it! :smiley: :wink:

Get on to D2OL you mappers You know you want to :wink: :Pimp:

It is a sad day indeed :frowning:

oh well, lets get the Folding and D20L teams up where they belong.