All is good in the land of Apex

For he has gone and got a job with a decent wage :smiley:

took long enuff to get it but i finally got one that i want :smiley:

so now the painfully part between no money and the first wage packet :smiley:

:drink: :headbang:

Great news m8 :smiley:

I believe the technical term is :woot:


maybe you’ll get to Mojo’s this time :wink:

erm yeah :wink: thats the plan :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done :thumbsup:

:yippee::yippee::yippee::yippee::yippee: I knew you could do it! :woot:

What kind of job is it m8!


Call Centre based…

Not the ideal job, but the money is better then i can get for any of the other jobs i went after so meh :stuck_out_tongue:

it gives me the time to work on the other projects i have :smiley:

A job is a job Apex :slight_smile: Congrats :slight_smile:

Yup thats what i been telling myself :smiley:

Nice one mate!

As discussed in IRC, Job, car, freedom!!!

Hope this works out for the best mate.


Congratulations, Apex! Glad to see folks getting back on their feet.

Bravo and a foot in the door! :nod:

Congrats Apex m8 - hope it’s good in the long run for you :nod:

Nice one Apex, next thing you’ll be running the joint:thumbsup:

It will be, any employer i whould hope could see the benifit of some one that has had proper traning in customer service & sales :smiley: this will also give me the time to work on the bits that are missing namely qualifications and a car :smiley: so it’s all good for me :smiley:

Now theres an idea :smiley:

Thats how i see it too :smiley: a nice big fat foot in the door :smiley:

Apex is on the :spam:

Well done in getting the job :woot: Time for me to get one :slight_smile:

Hell yeah :smiley: the car is the first thing am going to sort :smiley: