All TPR Members

Calling all TPR members. The TPR Docking team has been stuck in second place forever.
We were close to taking first in early January but our rival Planet 3DNow! recruited all their team members from all projects
to join Docking for a 2 week race. As you can guess that took any chance we had of catching them
and leaving TPR Docking eating there dust. As the Docking daily stats man I am asking for all TPR
members from all projects to Join us from Friday February 26 to Sunday March 7th for a 10 day
TPR Docking SURGE !! Let’s show some team pride and give TPR Docking the #1 status we have worked so long for.
Please let me know on the Docking thread if your in, and what crunching power you can bring. Any and all help wanted!
Thanks, SJ