am I banned ?

cant log in…


what for ?

19.10.2009 22:52:56 Botty Judge 22.10.2009 22:52:56 Bashing

oh :slight_smile: , doesnt sound like me at all


that’s still such lazy programming, SpacePioneers you can launch as many times as you like, but when your ships reach a planet you’ve bashed it just makes them turn around and you have a wasted trip. Much more efficient than oGame, keeps people playing and no potential losses of premium points/officers spends. Banning is stupid, it in theory reduces the revenue the game gets!


still not quite sure how i managed hit the same person more than 6 times bearing in mind its a 4hr+round trip

I was wondering that too :confused:

Two fleets?

haha, yeah probably :smiley:

I keep forgetting that Judge has a bigger Pigeon loft than anyone else here :lol:

Looking at the ban list one admin seems to hand out bashing bans.

Ogame botty bashing ban specialist, seems apt.

I quite like DTs suggestion :smiley:

however, it seems much easier and cheaper to ‘employ’ voluntary workers as Ban Specialists :sigh:

*be your own boss
*must have computer access
*must have ability to sit and wade through thousands of accounts and sort relevant information (tea breaks optional)
*bonus system in place for bans per day implemented