I just spent an afternoon with helen’s brother trying to fit two 300w Boschmann PCH-2500FX Amp’s to his car.
First he took a power cable from the + battery then into the B+ on the amp and proceeded to connect the bass box ect from there.
is that wrong… becuase we were trying for ages to get it to work with no joy.
the bits on the back are


Can someone help us :smiley:

I guess the amps have been earthed? That is from the GND connector to some part of the cars metal?

… and the Rem switches the amp on and must be supplied with a +12V signal output from the head unit (normally a yellow wire) so the amp switches on and off automatically with the radio. To test just bridge it across from batt+.

I think the Rem is your on/off switch should go to head unit or switched 12v

Else I don’t think it will turn on.

/edit…darn must be quicker :chuckle:

:moon: :smiley:

Ok cheers will give that a go :).
and yes the GND is coonnected to the chasis.

Come to think of it thats what we were doing :stuck_out_tongue:
and yet we were getting nothing.
and we tried two of the amps i stated above and one sony amp.
we will get it eventually :p… its probably something really silly aswell

Very loosely its going to be something like this. Don’t forget the fuse.

Also if its an older generation motor…

Make sure the Battery connections are sound and you have a good Batt to chassis connection and good alternator connections.

To eiliminate power loss, and indeed make sure there’s fuses in the in-line
fuse holders or properly rated fuses in them think your looking at 30amps
per device.

TBH I’m unsure what a general drain would be at a decent music level ?

But I’d make sure the battery and alternator are capable of handing the potential load.

/Side note… Have you tried it with the engine running :smiley:

lovly picture there balrog, makes me want to connect some amps to cars just by looking at it

Cheers for the pic balrog and cheers for the info PMM :slight_smile:
yes we tried it with the engine running and the car is a V reg Pug (forget which make.
but its all squeeky clean and the engine and the batt points are all cleanand pretty sure it can handle the extra power.
we will give that a go cheers :smiley: