An hofficial VTD party :D

at DT’s place :woot:


And the best bit… RAC likely to go up, just clocked about an extra 2.2Ghz in total in the loft :smiley:
Got the p4-1.8a doing a sound 2.4Ghz with the addition of some colder air from the eaves to assist the watercooling, changed a 1.6duron for a 2.5mobile barton. Got one rig on the floor refusing to partition ANY hard disk :confused: but I’ll fix that tomorrow.

Come to the DT VTD party, free hangovers for collection in the morning !! :cheers:


Just before I get my stats up… :flip:

:woot: top crunching DT.

Oi ! stop that partying

Parties are back in the domain of Bananas :banana: :funknana: :banana: Get back to your arrers, pool and spit & sawdust you oiks :smiley:

ooh a party :glug: and today we have birthday celebrations too so :banana: :glug: :banana:


We’ll be having less of that :eek: Was that jump just a couple of finishers or is the farm warming the place as the cold nights draw in ? :slight_smile:


/crikey, a three thousand credit jump for finishing a unit, I wish I could get one of them :chuckle:

/me casually puts another machine onto CPDN