Android 2.2 AkA 'FroYo' Update Avail

For anyone interested,

  1. Connect your Phone to your computer, do not disconnect it during the installation.
  2. Download the Froyo 2.2 Update
  3. Rename the file to
  4. Note that if you’re using Windows and don’t have “show file extentsions” turned on in the file explorer you won’t see a .zip. Just rename it to “update” (no quotes, of course) because it’s already a zipped file.
  5. Copy the file onto your microSD card.
  6. With your Nexus One off, hold down the trackball and press the power button.
  7. You’ll be booted into a white screen with three Android robots on skateboards. Select “Bootloader.”
  8. On the next screen, select “Recovery.”
  9. Your phone will reboot, giving you a picture of the Android robot and an exclamation point inside a triangle.
  10. Now press the power button and volume up button at the same time. It could take a couple of tries.
  11. Now (using the trackball this time) choose “Apply” and let things run their course.
  12. This can take up to 10minutes so be patient and DO NOT try to turn your phone off
  13. Your phone will take very long to reboot (5-6min) This only happens the first time, so be patient.

Source: Parts of the howto taken from

Installed and running. A bit more slick than before, it just seems a bit more polished I suppose. Still digging round to try and find the bits of interest to me.

Enhanced camera mode,more control etc is nice.
New brighter theme in most of the standard apps gives it a cleaner feel.
Update all, on the market and being able to install to the SD will be a boon once I go through installing all my apps, which I need not have uninstalled.

Wifi teathering. Share your net connection via wifi. Most cool.

It’s just a nice update. Well done to Google. I’ll report back as and when I find other bits and bobs of interest.

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