Another little step on the road......

…to Linux :slight_smile:

Only 10 Windows machines now, 11 Linux :thumbsup:
Not a single Lowfield server runs Windows now, although the TPR servers (files, games, DC++ hub) still do.
Palmpilot integrated to my Gnome desktop - check, done :slight_smile:

I can possibly get the Windows licences down to 6, I think that will be it due to other constraints. That will give me a 15/6 Linux/Windows split, or ~70% Linux, not bad considering not long ago I was 100% Windows.

After the last TPR meet this year, there will be a layoff on meets, so I plan to change the TPR fileserver from Windows to Linux, and merge the DC++ hub onto the same machine, freeing up a Shuttle :slight_smile: Gameserver I believe will be more practical as a Windows machine so I’ll leave that one alone.


Well I am down to 4 machines as W2K out of 30 odd. One is stuck cause MAMA doesn’t desire a change on her personal box.

Keep up the good work ya tart. I have yet to get the PDA setup to sync to my LINUX desktop but that is coming real soon.