Another strange Batch Problem

Righty ho back again with Batch file questions;

Where i work i need to add to a process a simple command of deleting a hidden file within a folder which is genterated in the begining of this process. The problem is that the ‘Process’ we use is a dos program that was written in the very early 80’s (I KNOW!) and when calling this very simple batch i have if fails to execute the command.

The command i have is del db.seq /A H from the working dir. This works perfectly in both and CMD, but like i said, not in this dos based prog.

Is there any ways to give full dos access via a batch, or is there a easy way to launch a new full session of cmd to execute it?
I have tried to use call cmd to run the command but again no progress.

From what seemd to be such a simple task it has already taken up half my day!

Frigging DOS!!!:realmad: :realmad: :realmad: :realmad: :realmad:

Any suggestions would be very nice, thanks

is it deff a permissions issue?

not sure if it’ll help but you could try
attrib -r -a -s -h
del db.seq

Cheers Spaceboy, I had the same idea, AND IT WORKS!

attrib db.seq -h
del db.seq

great minds think a like huh?

Dunno why it didn’t like the /A H but hey ho, i dont care!