Another wooot

just hit 1500 every 500 seems to take for ages to arrive

Nice one :smiley: :smiley:

HAve some dancing bananas :banana: :banana: :banana:

ohh and a :drink:


I know what you mean m8, I’m struggling to wards the 1k mark - congrats on reaching 1500wu’s!!

2 can play that game :smiley:

1503 :wink:

Well done :thumbsup:

Congrats mate! :thumbsup:

Yeehaww! Nice crunching.


Excellent crunching. :nod:

Have three bananas. :banana: :banana: :banana:

I came to TPR last November with 900 work units or so. They have now beaten 2900 out of me. Each 500 gets easier. Keep up the good work. :wavey:

Well done :thumbsup: :cheers:

Well done, m8 :slight_smile:

WooHoo nice going m8 :smiley:

Nice going milkykev

Well done m8 :thumbsup:

nicely done m8 :smiley:

Woohooo :banana: :bounce:

Excellent stuff :thumbsup:

Congrats to you both. :banana:

some excellent crunching guys, keep up the good work!!


:banana::banana::banana: (just had to do it :))