Antivirus - back to basics

Is it just me, or are anti-virus companies trying too hard these days?

In the good old days, you had the occasional update, real time and on demand scanning. That is it.

How they’ve expanded into anti-spyware, anti-malware, anti-phishing, mail scanning, and even expanding into a firewall like blocking role. Turning any of them off is not easy. And if you dare turn any of these features off, you get dire warnings of the end of the world if you don’t enable them again. Now! And not content with traditional virus, there is a new category of “potentially unwanted software” which seems to be so broad it covers anything.

I have well gone beyond the point where the impact of keeping anti-virus on my main computer takes far more time than it takes to recover from the worse case state of my main box dying. The list of false positives is too long for me to deal with now.

With AVG 7.x I could just about turn enough of it off that it didn’t get in the way. All I want is on demand scanning of selected files, such as fresh downloads. I’ll manually update when I want to, thank you. That’s all I want. But with version 8, it comes with a ton of new bloat that I haven’t found a way to turn off, so off it came.

I tried avast, I can’t stand the interface.

Is there such a thing as a simple AV these days that only does what it is told to? At the moment, I’d rather run without AV than babysit some paranoia propagating marketing vision. The occasional manual selective scan is not unreasonable and all I want.

For the record, in all these years online, I’ve only ever had a single incidence of unintentional infection, which was an IE hijack. I don’t think the net is any more hostile than before.

I agree with what you’re asking for because I like simple, focused applications as well. However, I think the mainstream users are looking for an all-in-one, one stop shopping type package. Those without technical know-how (which is a scary number of people out there) don’t want to have to figure out all the security features they need and the all-in-one approach is very satisfying to their needs.

BTW, most of the features of AVG8 can be tuned to your liking if you dig into the top menu under advanced settings.

well said that man!

I’ve turned off linkscanner in avg8… that does me for now.

cautiously I can say that none of my xp machines that I use personally have got any anti-virus at all …

they’d probably delete half my work files :devil: :wink:


Avast does it for me in conjuction with firefox, yes it auto updates alot but I don’t have to touch it unless there is a program update which is not very frequent.

I don’t bother with the interface for scanning as its working away in the background looking at everything being downloaded/installed anyway.

Its been a goodsend on some internet downloads where its spung into life and halted the download on finding trojans in some of the freeware stuff.

I just leave it be to do its thing.

NoD32 works for me

Gotta say I’m happy with Avast too, and along with all other programs, I have it set for manual updating :slight_smile:

If I feel the need to scan any file or folder, a right click of the mouse on the selected item gives me the scan option.

… and as Paul has already said, it’s jumped out a couple of times on some downloads to inform me they contain something nasty so I can stop it in its tracks :trophy: