Any AX owners (past or present) or anyone who knows anything about them?

I’ve been looking on and off for a new car to replace my freebee AX for a while and seriously looking since the gear linkage broke a month or so ago. At the same time I’ve been looking to sell the AX. It doesn’t appear to be worth much to many people, especially as it’s a bargain basement model so I’ve had a stupid thought.


stick with me here. It seems that I might be able to “upgrade” or “tune” the AX for very little money for use in cheapo public race meets. I like the thought of that. Also it’s a chance to learn some skills with taking it to bits etc. I’d like to learn my way around some cars so this seems like an ideal project (just got to justify it to my girlfriend!!).

So anyone any knowledge of AXs? I know some guys who work in garages so I’ve got some help but I thought I’d ask here. I’ve just reg’d on the AX OC site so hopefully there’ll be some good info to come.

My first thought is to upgrade the current 956cc engine and 4 speed box but the brakes, suspension, wheels and tires will all need changing as it drives like I’d imagine a jelly to handle ATM. I’m not interested in ICE or styling. I’ve no interest in meeting hundreds of 17 yos in a car park at night and my aim would be to have as much of a “track tuned” AX as poss (those words can’t have been used with AX before).

A VERY quick flick over ebay has produced several interesting cheap results so I don’t think cost will be too much of an issue (other than the box) it’s just deciding which parts to go for.

Any advice, thoughts, input? :smiley:

Sounds like fun. I used to race carts back in my youth.

Be aware, its not the cost of the vehicle that’s the major thing, its the tyres, repairs etc and the not inconsiderable cost of the travelling and overnight accommodation at circuits.

The AX GT Engine is the one they used for the Renault 5 Turbo, so you should be able to find an olf R5 GT Turbo engine, and plop it in. Also went in to the Peugeot 205 GT (NOT GTI) but as that was heavier wasn’t as nippy.

I have the AX GT for 2 years in Sicily, loved the damn thing.

yeah a 2nd hand GT or GTI motor was the sort of thing I was thinking of. Just got to work out what else needs to be changed along with it. I’m assuming the box will need some work but the suspension is going to be the first bit I think. As mentioned it’s sorta like jello ATM and there’s loads of cheap ebay lowering and stiffening kits about.

EDIT: some of the people on the AX owners club suggest my investigating if I can mount a Saxo VTR/VTS motor. Should be able to and there’s plenty to be had with low miles, gearbox, wiring loom, ecu, etc.

Might be quite fun this.