any ideas?

Keep getting a messenger alert saying i have critical errors in my registry :eek:
Thing is, it keep asking me to go to a site called ‘’ to run thier programme. I’ve checking it out but personally i think its just a gimmick to get me to run it.

I’ve run all the usual like avg, spybot, adaware etc etc but the damn thing STILL keeps appearing :mad:

any ideas on how to shift it?

thanx in advance guys :slight_smile:

Definitely sounds like adware or something similar. Does it only occur in Messenger or while surfing? A quick Google found someone else with the same problem: issue

I’ve done a search with all of the usual search engines. Found someone listing the problem in a forum on March 10, but nobody replied to his thread.

On my PC’s a home, I use Spy Sweeper because my ISP has some sort of partner relationship. --Anyway, they have a free online scan that you could try. Maybe it will find it. Here is the url:

Good luck.

run HiJackThis and post your log report, I think I know which one this is …


teehee - found it and now I have the same popups :lol:

SpyKiller2005 by ‘’ appears to give the same crap. Windows Defender just nuked it for me. Basically I went to the nasty address and clicked free scan on a rig that is about to be flattened anyway. The free scan told me I have problems and then I got the same popups.

handy site for bookmarks
specific article for this rubbish


great one :smiley: :smiley:

thanx for the help guys, finally got it shifted :smiley:

rule of thumb, nothing is ever ‘free’

[QUOTE=thanx for the help guys, finally got it shifted :D[/QUOTE]

Come on, don’t leave us hanging… How did you get rid of it?:confused:

I formatted the drive with windows on :lol: