Any interest

Any Linux HOW-TOs you need?

I can’t guarantee to provide them, but I can guarantee by trial & experiment, and peer review, we can get close.

PM me if you need any.

The next planned HOW-TO is Smoothwall 2.0

i would like to see a how to on setting up and maintaining my own dns server…

Any use?

I know there are other guides about, but at the moment I’m looking to add a couple of RAID arrays to an existing RHEL3 install and they just aren’t playing ball… so a RAID guide would be cool, especially as the price of drives is soooo cheap nowadays :slight_smile:

as someone who knows next to nothing about linux, how about a networking linux and windows how to?


Firewall explainations would be a big help. My two linux boxes will interact nicely (SMB… don’t have Samba running properly yet, so it’s really one way) with my two windows boxes so long as the linux firewall is down. I’ve worked with firewalls before, but there is stuff in there I don’t know yet, so a nice walk through would undoubtedly provide useful insight.