Any Quake players out there ?

If I read this right, there is 100 Euros prize money up for grabs playing Quake HERE

I was looking up the specs for a shiny but tiny media server unit and found the online game.

If I read the stats right, only 8 people have registered

Cup: ZOTAC Quake Live Cup #56
Mode: 1 vs. 1
Prize Money: 100 Euro
SignUps: 8 / 512
Checked-In: 0 / 256
Check-In Start: 31.10.2010, 13:00
Cupstart: 31.10.2010, 14:10 - 1 day left (1d 20h 46m 26s)

Blimey. Aint played Quake for about 15 years!!! :smiley: :smiley:

Used to be quite handy at it when I was a nipper!!! Tool old now tho! :stuck_out_tongue: