Anybody still running Windows XP?

Now that Microsh*te have ended supporting XP it would be interesting to know how many stick with it.

I still have it running on one of my crunchers as there is a performance advantage over the newer versions of Windows when running GPU grid… the same GFX card completes a GPUGRID WU nearly 10% faster on an XP compared to W7.

The company I work is still running the site intranet using XP but plans are to migrate to W7 some time this year… And it wasn’t that long ago that they changed from NT to XP!!!

My main desktop from 2 generations back still has XP as the operating system on it. Doesn’t get turned on much now anyway. Also assorted older computers which came bundled with it can stick with it. Generally these could be crunchers if I ever decide to spend electricity on them. So in short, nothing of any significance runs XP here. Those boxes that do are unimportant and rarely used.

Work has purged XP from the network, although there are still unsupported laptops running it. Generally these are for running of tests where it just needs to work. Network isn’t required, and if it wasn’t for me they probably wont even have any windows updates on them.

Only my work Dell Mini. Can’t upgrade it, all components soldered on mobo, so just have to stick with it. Also found that Microshaft Forefront Client Security is effectively dead as it relies on Windows Update to, …errrr! update? Probably find Security Essentials will be the same too. Loaded AVG Free on it and gonna put on MalwareBytes as a backup checker too. Still a load of machines out there that I see with XP on in business environments, so they will have to upgrade or find some other solution too.

Just updated my WinXP machine from an Asus Crosshair IV/1090T to a Asus A88XM-Plus/A8-6500 and thought I could getaway with it, but every time it booted into windows it got into a loop of perpetual reboots…

Wasn’t a hardware problem so bit the bullet and did a clean re-install… and now it’s busy catching up on all the updates!!! So for the moment Microsh*te have XP updates still available!!!

As I understood it, cutting of support means no NEW patches. The old ones should still be there, for now… I almost want to install Windows 2000 just to see if you can still get patches for that :smiley:

Encountered an interesting problem over the last week and Xp has come to the rescue… A mates Win7 Pro 64 PC suddenly refused to see one of the partitions on his 1TB HDD… But my XP machine reads it OK, so now I’m in the middle of rescuing all the files on it!

Interesting. By rights Win7 should be better at seeing them. Very odd. :confused:

The funny thing is I could see the partition and the files in Partition Master but Win 7 was refusing to access it even with full access permissions!!!

Anyway, managed to copy them from the XP machine over to a Win 7 and after wipe and a format will be put back on his 1TB.

Guess what??? after copying all the files off it, I slid the drive into the hard-drive docking bay of my Win7 machine so I could format it and run some diagnostics on it… and this time it decided that the partition was visible and all the files were there!!! :bsod:

I’m sure this HDD is hexed… been running diagnostics on it a few times and most of the times it passes and then all of a sudden it will pop up a test failure with bad blocks, and then give it the all clear with the following run!!!

Could there be bad sectors that it’s mapping out? Any clues in SMART data?

Sometimes the SMART data is showing ok, and sometime it’s showing failures. Once he gets his files off it going to run some more tests on it, bit like I said… it seems to be hexed!!!

It hasn’t shown any failures over the last couple of days.

It could be the drive controller circuitry starting to fail as well. Best to back it up and junk it.

Well I’ve finally dumped XP after upgrading my last XP cruncher to an Asus Crossblade Ranger FM2+ motherboard which doesn’t support XP. Both my main systems are now running ASUS Republic Of Gamer motherboards. :smiley:

Nice one Fiend, my main rig and lappy are both on 7 at the mo, but I still have two decommed xp desktops. Not sure what I will do with them yet. Watch this space…:slight_smile: