Anyone heard from Bibby?

Whenever we needed a post that made no sense Bibby used to be here.

I’m trying to fill in but…

Last thing I heard he got married.

Anyone know anything more recent?

If only we could turn back time.

Or is that too much Cher for one evening?

was that the song with the video where she was wearing a fishnet body stocking and stradding an 18 inch gun?

is “weapon” an synonym for “gun”


What did we use to sing in the military…
“This is me rifle
this is me gun
this one’s for killing
this one’s for fun.”

or something like it?


ok…this was just :spam:

“Has anyone heard from Bibby”

Given that he left to start his own forum - hmmmmmm probably not :slight_smile:

Eeerm…nope…not a peep.

Did he?

Which one? I know he used to spend a lot of time over at CAD, but it wasn’t his.

why’d he leave? was there a falling out?

I stumbled apon a small crunching teams forums with Bibby , N20Capri and M@tt . cant find it again " The Clangers " or similar , was very quiet .

This may be breaking the rules but since it’s in answer to a question and I don’t know if the PM went through he’s at

Edit/Delete as you see fit.


:confused: no need to edit Link m8y - in fact would you of the whistling type be interested in a drag race :devil:


LMAO i was reading the bit about the hacker on the clangers…i have never herd of anyone so stupid apart from myself :smiley:

as that was about 6 months ago, its nice to see some people keep up with the latest news :smiley: .

Hrmmm… Which project and to what number? :cool:

I’ll probably lose my shorts but… what the h*ll. :smiley: