Anyone know where I can get something like...


Hard to find records stock the above but at £139.00 I think they’re taking the michael.

Basically I need something the same/similar that can be screwed onto a flat desk (actually my desk stand) and will hold a CD deck. It also needs to be able to tilt forward to allow easy access to top mounted controls.

Any ideas?

Just looked on AVF and Unicol mate, cant see anything like :frowning:

silly as it sounds you maybe in the realms of places like Argos.

However £10 cheaper here…

Ever thgouht of trying just a bog standard music place? At first impression i thought it was a music sheet holder, althougha fairly robust one.

To be frank though, with some fairly heavy duty solder and some metal cutoffs, i would think nearly anyone could make one, take the picture to a local metalsmith ( and i bet he can do it for a 1/4 of the price