Anyone know where the project directories are using BOINC under Ubuntu

Hi all,

I’m running a default install of the Boinc manager from the Ubuntu software installer. As some will know, Docking is having issues with no data work units causing machines to hang. In windows, you can look at the .inp files in the project directory and abort those that are faulty. Anyone know if you can do this with the linux version? I’d rather not waste cycles to find out if they are bad or not.


Not looked before on my Linux box running Docking Saint. Sorry. :frowning:

Look at the messages when you start the manager. It will state the path to the data directory there.


Unfortunately, I’m using the default graphical version of the Boinc Manager…no start up run to see :frowning:

I think I have found it (the search function works great) but now my issue is permissions…I can’t get into the folder as it says I’m not the owner. Grrrr. Next time I have my key in for an update, I’ll have to try it. Mercat isn’t bad, but the next time I upgrade, I’ll go for the full version instead of the netbook version.

The graphical manager does show it in messages, but I guess only in “advanced” view not the simplified view which I never use.