Anyone using Solar

Built my own 16.5Kw system with 1820Ah @ 48v, need to go off grid due to rising costs.

PS - Hi all long time no type :grinning:

I have a couple of units I got to test viability. I charge a phone battery pack from one, which gives me three full charges of my phone a week and a solar pir security light.

I’ve looked at various solar battery systems from Jackery , Bluetti etc for when out at car shows and as a general “power it using this” when doing off jobs to be a little greener and offset my very large petrol engines in my cars! Haven’t made the leap yet though.

Good to see you and great that there’s an off gridder here again.


I used Solar quite extensively, for a week.

Then I had to get a flight home and develop an addiction to Immodium.

Many years ago I had this mad idea of a small wind powered generator in the back garden as it always seems to be ‘fresh’ out there. Further investigation into it soon put that one to bed.
When the mortgage finished we ended up with about a £9k windfall and Solar power stuff was on the mind, but a new gas boiler and double glazing were priorities.
I think, given my age, the cost of solar energy installation and the time until it actually pays for itself wouldn’t be beneficial to me.
I still remember the American member we had (username forgotten) . . Arizona area was it? . . he did well out of solar.


Dave… “mind searching into cobwebb corner”…

he runs/ran a complete setup out in the desert to power his house and sell into the grid iirc

I wonder how the efficiency of the panels is now they are 10+ years old


found it!


Yep that’s the very man TFW, cheers

I had some installed in June last year. Yup, believe it or not it we do sometimes get sun in Scotland :smiley:
14 panels (6k)and 2x5kW batteries (6k)- june through september was fulling charging and excess back into the grid for a few pennies (covered the standing charge easily enough).
Not much now, but we get the odd good day.
ROI should be around 7 years (down from 12 dues to increased energy prices).

Havent paid an energy bill since a token £40 in August (moved to Octopus in June) and they’ve had me on a payment holiday.
large house and with heating being on we’ve (I’ve) noticed the jump in costs - energy bill is currently £1000 in debit. Probably closer to 2.5k come April, then it should be ‘free’ electric for a few months, and little gas use (cooking)

Hi all good to see you again!

With the increased costs my payback will be with-in 3 years (£525 a month is what i would be paying) then i have 5 to 7 years before i have to replace the batteries so my saving over 5 to 7 years will be somewhere between £31500 to £41000. I saved alot of money by doing it all myself the only down side is i can not sell it back to the grid but i can live with that.

I am lucky as i have a few barns i can put them on so there all facing different directions and at different angles so i can make most of any winter sun, its not for everybody but i try to do what i can the only problem is in the summer what to do with all the extra electric? (hot tub, air con, or 30+ PC crunching…)

I also have a Marlec wind turbine on order (i already have one) so this will help in the dark wintery days and nights. There could be the odd day when i will need to run the genny but that’s life in the UK. This is my first full month off-grid so time will tell on how thing shape up.

Cheers Dave.

Cheers, back at ya buddy!