Anyone want a car?

Not two weeks ago I replaced the serpentine belt on my car as it was starting to have a few problems and the belt was just looking rough. Spent $40 on a top notch belt. I noticed a coolant leak that has been slowly getting worse, traced it down to look like a hose leak. Replaced the hose last week but within a day or so the leak was bad and coolant was going everywhere. Finally took it to the shop Tuesday night to drop it off. They were only open a few hours on Wednesday for Christmas Eve but called and let me know that my water pump had a leak and my intake manifold gasket had a leak. Total cost: $1100. Warranty is covering all but $200 thankfully. Got a call Friday and the car wouldn’t be ready until today. They also let me know that the belt has to be replaced again and it would be an extra $130 that my warranty won’t cover. I buy a belt and throw a fit, they knock off labor to only $36 for it. So now I couldn’t work my second job (delivery) because the wife’s car isn’t doing great either. I also complained about the driver window power motor possibly going out. They called today to let me know the regulator is bust and it will cost $375 to replace, not covered by warranty. Just can’t afford it, so I guess I won’t be going through drive-thru for some time! What really chaps me is that this is the second time in the two and a half years I’ve owned the vehicle that the water pump and intake manifold gasket have blown!

What car is it, Ben?

1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

It’s a coupe, a bit sportier looking as such. It really irks me that I love driving the car if only the car would run properly. It’ll be a while before I can get rid of it, I owe a lot more than the value of the car. I finally picked it up last night and they tried to charge me for a belt and the full cost of labor. Had a nice chat about the manufacturer of the belt not matching the one on the list because I brought my own, they fixed it all up. End cost to me was $240. I found the window motor and regulator online for about $90 shipped, but that is so low I’m worried its a scam. May be a while yet before I can get it. The car does appear to be running better.