Apache setup, default page help

Apache server. setup and i can see the congrats you have setup apache correctly.

When i add a web site into /var/www/html with a index.htm file in it i still don’t get index.htm up… i just get the default page up.

If i setup a virtual host and put everything in /var/www/html/pje whilst specifying that as the directory for site i still get up the default page :confused:

I’m going to the site using http://myip/ with port 80 forwarded through my router, if i do it as localhost or on the pc i get the same results :confused: :confused:

Tried to play with Directory index in the httpd.conf file and the entry in there does have home.htm as a file to look for.

Anybody any ideas ?

Does it show that i was bored today :lol:

clear your browser cache maybe.