Apologies to our Australian TPR members, but.......

We’ve still got the Ashes
We’ve still got the Ashes
Na na na, na na na
Do do do, do do doooo!! :smiley:

Sorry guys, but it was a bit of a :stomp:ing. Hope you can even things up for the last match in Sydney :slight_smile:

teehee, I’ve been waiting for this thread and more importantly tonights conference call with the Aussie company I do some work for :lol:

True domination in the last test, Aust will be out for revenge and playing for pride in the last test of the series, that should be a cracker.


I do feel sorry for poor Mitchel Johnson. The Barmy Army were giving him one hell of a hard time. The BBC TMS coverage couldn’t edit out the rude words coming from the stands, something to do with him bowling to the left and bowling to the right and then casting doubt on his bowling prowess :smiley:

do we have any Aussies on here?

We certainly do. The board’s quite quiet in general and I haven’t seen much of them in recent times.

We look in from time to time.

LO m8!! :wavey: How are things down your way?

rain has stopped play … please don’t let that ruin the test - come on the sunshine !!

…and to add insult to injury, England won. :D. Well done to all the lads and to the Barmy Army for their continual support for the team down under :nod: