Are Noobs Accepted At

I’ve been just watching for a little while and thought I’d finally introduce myself.
I’m a software engineer, working in Chicago, IL USA.

If “Other DC Projects” is the wrong area for this please accept my apologies.

Hello all! I hope to interact with you some and laugh and learn and maybe share a bit of myself with you.
Glad to be aboard

welcome aboard :slight_smile:

Welcome Eric. Noobs are definitely welcome here at TPR and, unlike some forums, are made to feel a part of a team and not sneered at. If you have any questions about anything at all, don’t be afraid to ask as you will receive a civil reply or an honest, “I don’t know, but I might know someone who does”.

Now down to more important things (:Pimp: hat on), what DC project were you thinking of taking part in? The current favourite team projects are Folding@Home and Docking, one of which uses BOINCto process the data and the other its own proprietary software. Both are medical projects looking for cures to various conditions and diseases, but many members of the team indulge in purely mathematical or statistical modelling projects, like Einstein@Home. Climate Prediction, etc.

Any preferences at all? Let us know.

hi and welcome to the team :wave:, hope you enjoy your stay at this mad house