Are you a bit of Porker ?

If so then Join Team Fat Bastard, we need your support (mainly around the gut)

Oooo, my type of team…

Feel Free to Join, it aint exactly a health club tho :slight_smile:

Ok, count me in :slight_smile:

Then again, porker or not. If you happen to live in the south, hide your shape, pretend you’re slim :smiley: and join VT South. Its better for your S£x life

Or, if you’d rather make a difference and are as pure as the virgin Mary (don’t know if virgin should be capitalized or not in that context) you can help the poor. We are in need of your lupins (not the flower lupin, the cobblestone lupin).

Keep in mind that I have two pistols here, and while one of them is no longer loaded I’m sure the other one is! Join or face the killer bunny! :eek:

Fat ba$tard$ always welcome regardless of race, creed or output. :wasted: