Are you listening populace?

Just watched some second-string Einstein impersonator on the TV news telling me why I’m going to get cancer.

When people like this come on the TV is it just me who groans and ignores them?

Basically his point was: You should not put a pound of weight on after the age of 21, eat no processed food (like bacon & ham, work of demons apparently), eat lots of fruit & veg (get them chemicals in you), drink sensibly (one teaspoon of red wine every August is beneficial, girls sorry only half a teaspoon for you), work out until you are sweating like a glassblower’s armpit at least twice a day, eat no red meat at all ever ever ever blah blah blah and you MIGHT have a lower chance of cancer.

I wish these people would leave us alone.

Tea was a ham, bacon and processed cheese burger with chips no salad and a couple beers. Up yours Einstein

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Bacon yum yum yum

Nope it’s not only you who thinks that all these contradictaory multi million pound studies of ‘the bloody obvious’, two glass of this, this week is good for you but the next week it will kill you :bs:.
What happened to just eating what you need. If jimmy wants to drink 20 pints and eat 20 cheeseburgers of course he will die of an obesity drinking related cancerous item. I belive its called freedom of choice and the ‘no shit sherlock’ observation.

chippy for tea tonight :smiley:

Steak n Kidney pie, chips, mushy peas, gravy - washed down with a can of Guiness :tiphat:

… oh and the usual 30 (approx) ciggies today

  • heck, I’ll be dead by time I’m 30 :lol:

I feel sorry for all those people that didn’t smoke, drink, or eat “bad” food, but still got whacked by a passing lorry while on a “keep fit” bike ride :frowning:

Had a nice breacfast roll this morning… then had shepards pie later on…and then was in a mcdonalds mood about 40 mins ago…so I had one of em…

now sat here watching Top Gear on Dave+1… God save freedom of choice :slight_smile:

You could do all this crap and still get hit by a bus. OF course looking after your self is a good thing but jeez should we just put or selfes in a sealed bubble ball and never come out?!

Maybe the Government are trying to get us eating/drinking less because the UK is in that much crap we are fast approaching rationing :lol:

Then banning buses would be a logical next step. Sounds good to me.

There is a down side to a bad diet that one of our guys at work has found in that too much white bread and red meat, not enough fibre etc has led to him getting severe constipation, so bad that he has torn his back passage by trying to force himself to cr@p. He’s a tough bloke, but he was almost in tears with the pain :eek:

Christ almighty get that man a coushin. That must have been like passing a London bus.

No doubt the survey was sponsored by Quorn, Perrier and Canderel.

A more apt sponsor would be Raleigh Bicyles (retro division) since they can all go ride a Purple Chopper as far as I’m concerned

been there before, not the most pleasant experience i’ve ever had.:frowning:

never heard of ‘liquid gold’? totally legal AND ‘apparently’ girlfriends like it as well :devil:

Been out for plenty of cider and now a pizza to finish off…F*ck um :smiley:

@ Jay, I know what they’re like at the Wendy House but please:ghey:

Think I’ll opt for the short and happy life rather than the long and miserable.

Well some more of the substance of the report was in the papers today. Apparently if you are “too tall” you have more chance of colon or breast cancer…

“Pass the chainsaw please dahling and hold my hand”

Humans have been eating “red meat” since … well, since before I was a young lad :wink: only difference now is all the chemicals and shite that it’s enhanced with (I believe supermarkets are the main culprits ?) :sigh:

You know, I fail to see how Homo Sapiens have lasted so long :shrug:


what I struggle to understand is why at the farmers market things are more expensive than the supermarkets, yet they have signs saying “suppliers to Tesco” etc etc on them.

So I end up paying more for them to put in less 'chemicals and shite" - which in all truth I don’t mind a huge amount as it does tend to be much more succulent meat :slight_smile:


You pay more because of a lack of volume pricing, and the fact that bringing meat to the table without chemicals and drugs is a more labour intensive, lower yield and therefore expensive operation.

Whilst I agree that a large portion of “Farmer’s Market” products are stupidly overpriced (in some dumb suicidal bid to cash in on the public’s interest in local food direct from the farm?), I’d personally pay a pound or two more for a steak that tastes like one :slight_smile:

You will get a fresher product :wink:

Generally supply in the food industry and that BB date stamped on the goods can be substancial.

Their is a sales time between producing and supplying to the Chain store
and a sales time between the Chain store and the customer.

While its not so critical on cheese(Industry I work in)… Think about it

BB date on a typical item would be 2+ months from it being packaged and we would have say 3 weeks max before its in the stores hands and they could have it 6-8 weeks before the BB date is reached.

You think of all the transit / storage handling that can happen in a 2 month time frame…