Arecibo is to be switched off at 2011

his is a google Translation

The USA make all listening unit deaf mute

Of Thorsten Dambeck

The Arecibo observatory in Puerto Rico, location of the largest radio dish of the world, stands before from: The backers turn to new projects. Researchers warn of dangerous consequences. World-wide no equivalent replacement exists, in order to discover Asteroiden with course on earth.

Probably no scientific mechanism was ever blown up with a such bang effect in the Nirvana: No smaller one than James bond did gymnastics to the final of “GoldenEye” by the enormous 300-Meter-Schüssel of the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico. Where otherwise planet researchers scan Asteroiden with radar jets and after star corpses listens to astronomers, “007” brought its adversary, to the abtrünnigen “006”, to the distance. For the telescope the victory of the good one ends however fatal: The antenna exploded.

full Story in Germyn can be found here

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Hmm seems a financial problem as usual. So what’s going to happen to Seti?

Hopfully ET has a C.B radio in his flying saucer :smiley:

Bump!!! Looks like it might be staying open for a while longer. Haven’t see Sir Ulli for a while. :chin:

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From NY Times

Something else may also weigh in Arecibo’s favor: it may be much cheaper to keep it open. To dismantle
the telescope and return the area to a natural state could cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

Seems it takes an annual budget of $8-10M to keep it open.