Assorted birdies in the snow

After seeing the snow in the morning, I went out to the park at work lunch break, and found this:

I couldn’t resist, so I took the afternoon off despite the short notice (I phoned my boss at 1:30pm :D) and got the heavy kit out. This happened:

wow at the bird in flight :clap: :trophy: :hail:

Awesome picture.


Great pics Mackerel!! :cool:

That second one of the robin is a cracker :slight_smile:

One of the best I’ve seen anywhere.

What you shooting with ?

maybe make a thread and list your kit :slight_smile: be nice to know what others are using :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=placidsheep;433559]What you shooting with ?

maybe make a thread and list your kit :slight_smile: be nice to know what others are using :)[/QUOTE]

Look and thee shall find… :wink:

@ Mackerel nice Robin pics :slight_smile:

You missed a good snow downpour in Swindon at 15:15 hrs :wink:

My brief visit today did not see a lesser spotted mackerel though.

It flummoxed the Satnav though… some road re working not reflected in my satnav… ’ At the next roundabout take the 1st left’… what roundabout :whiteflag: :lol:

1st pic was with Sony A350 + Carl Zeiss 16-80 hence not being very close. The others were with Canon 50D + 100-400L.

I am a bit of a BIF addict but getting rather bored of gulls and ducks. Crows I do like but their stealth colouring doesn’t agree well with AF. Wish something more interesting would fly by.

@PMM you sure you were in Swindon? Removing roundabouts doesn’t sound like Swindon to me :wink:

Just got MP-E65 macro lens today. Pulled trigger on weekend on rumours of ongoing steep price rises which have been in progress all year so far. It’s going to go up a lot more before it thinks about going down so early better than late. Really hoping for more snowfall to see what I can do with it. Missed a short burst just after I got home and clouds look rather broken at moment so not optimistic.

Deffo Swindon met your magic roundabout today :slight_smile:

Think they done a ikle short cutting on the outskirts so rather than hitting a roundabout your men’t to slip road off to the left … most likely to a roundabout.

Seemed a nice place :slight_smile:

//Anyhow… tap fingers impatiently waiting for 1st pics from MP-E65 :hail:

MP-E65 - depth of field? What depth of field. Might be a while before I have something worth posting :smiley: