*ATTENTION** calling all news stooges

Bit of a new year clean up, now, who have we left who currently is doing a news post, and are there any more takers who would like to do a post, can people let me know asp so I can work out a rota.


I’m still in.

Can I have Fridays still?
Might have to look at a new slot mind because my timetable will have changed this term, but fridays currently still seem OK.

EDIT: Thinking about it, I cant post this friday and I won’t be able to post the week after due to a morning exam.
I’ll get back with a day swap if I may.

I’m still in on my sat slot and any other days going spare. I know fenix has missed his last few so i guess he might be out ?

Im back and up for doing some seti news

wrong thread Endre :wink: :slight_smile:

anyways you got the url for the seti newstemplate??? if not PM me and I’ll sort it for you.


I hate to do this but i’m out for a little while… i’ll pick it up again when I have more free time but I rarely have time these days to even visit the forums… I hope you understand.