Attention Nintendo wii owners

This is an easy one to miss, and the offer only applies until the end of December.

Goto the system menu on the wii and perform the latest update, then go to the shopping channel and look on the ‘channels’ section. You will find that the “Internet Channel” is now available for free, not requiring and points or anything.

I’ve just update our wii, and now have Youtube streaming some music videos to the telly. There seems to be an issue with bbc at the moment, but there are posts on the net about the iPlayer not working with the new system update (the freebie).

I found this after following some story on Google news about the iPlayer delivering most content through Virgin media and that it will soon be available on Freesat. I then spotted some mention of the wii and found the internet channel news.


and this reply is from the wii console.


This was sent out as an update a month or two back, already been using it m8y

we play on the wii pretty much daily, and never saw anything that said that you could get the internet channel for free, I bet there are a few more people for whom the same applies.


I didnt know you could even connect it to the net for anything other than updates, not even turned it on for a month.

Games = PS3 + C.o.d
Internet = PC with a keyboard.

I’ll give it a go none the less but I noticed the PS3 now has BBC iPlayer on it since the last update.
Didnt work when I tried it which came as no surprise

PS3 iplayer works okay here :slight_smile:

Yea, the ps3 iplayer thing works well.

I saw the Wii internet thingy earlier, but don’t really see the point of using it…

PS3 iPlayer - possibly the best non-PC implementation I’ve seen yet. Navigation and responsiveness is much better than the one on Virgin box.

DT : apparently you can get 500 Wii points for helping me get connected with the net

Launches today, back in a few minutes :lol:


wasn’t that great tbh, audio and video lost sync four or five times in a one hour show.


Damn, I was hoping it would be reasonable cos I wanted to watch the Dr Who that I missed on Saturday!

Doesn’t your wii ‘flash’ at you when there’s an update available? Our wii was flashing at us this morning to let us know about the iplayer update. Didn’t install it though, didn’t see the point with 2 pc’s and a laptop to watch them on.

The other day (Monday I think) there was another update about a few games (demo) that were available to download for free too.

you pay attention to the messages thingy?? I don’t, I hardly ever look at it as normally it’s just telling me how long the kids have played or if they beat one of my records :lol:


I think you can turn the messages flashy thing off, now if only there was a way to turn off the demented xylophone when the menu is up I would be happy.

[QUOTE=DoubleTop;446622]you pay attention to the messages thingy?? I don’t, I hardly ever look at it as normally it’s just telling me how long the kids have played or if they beat one of my records :lol:


No not that, I mean the blue light round the disk bay. It flashes when there’s an update if the wii is in standby. First time I saw it I thought the kids had left the wii on all night and was about to give them hell for it :lol:

hmm, can’t say I’ve ever noticed that, but I’m not the most observant. Random phrases such as “you’ve had your hair done, very nice darling” don’t seem to happen :wink:


When you walk into a dark living room with a blue light flashing at you, you kinda find it hard to miss :lol:

Especially if somebody shouts “KEEP YOUR HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM” and things